The Hemingway Group, (“THG”) founded in 1983 by George F. Hemingway, is a California based international investment firm specializing in emerging markets. THG also acts as a development and management firm for all its investments. While we are larger than we were 24 years ago we are, at heart, entrepreneurs. We believe firmly focusing on the bottom line and that real value takes time to build. All THG’s investing activities are made on behalf of itself and its investors.

Our business is developing successful concepts, providing them with the capital to grow, and then managing them to fruition. This is a three step process.

1st Step: We seek out individual concepts and situations where we believe there is a significant opportunity for aggressive growth. This type of growth and opportunity is generally to be found in emerging markets where the risks are greater.

2nd Step: We invest the needed capital into the company. It is our preference to finance projects ourselves as we firmly believe in the returns that can be obtained from our carefully chosen investments. On occasion, other investors are invited to participate when the size of the investment requires it.

3rd Step: We establish a hand-picked team that will manage the venture. This team will consistently be aware of investor expectations for growth, expenditures and returns. With this as the foundation of all action they will undertake the difficult work of growth and building long term value. The reason for this is clear: management must be aligned with investor needs.

As a firm with an entrepreneurial spirit, The Hemingway Group has in its 24-year history found itself in diverse industries including:

• Real estate, both commercial and residential
• Hospitality, both fast casual and traditional service restaurants • Retail
• Sports Management
• Financial services
• Biochemical’s
• Publishing

The Hemingway Group currently works on the three continents with offices in the European Union, the United States and the Peoples Republic of China.