The Hemingway Group is an entrepreneurial company that operates as an investment and management firm. We do not undertake investments lightly but review the individual market and industry situations in great detail before embarking upon any venture. This is a guiding principle at The Hemingway Group due to the high level of personal commitment and involvement that is a hallmark of our investment philosophy.

Consistent with these principles, The Hemingway Group retains management control of all its investments, regardless of geography or industry. This approach ensures that our investments and management are focused on creating long-term investor value. All of our investments are overseen by their respective boards and their supervisory committees, which include representatives of THG. All investments are managed and operated independently of each other and cash flow from one company is independent from all other companies

We are patient entrepreneurs, with a history of building successful concepts from the ground-up in risky emerging markets. Our commitment to our investments in both time and money are absolute. We understand that building a business with a sustainable future takes time and we have waited up to fifteen years, when necessary, to exit. Foremost however, is our commitment to achieving maximum investor returns in the minimum time required.